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Holiday Announcement   14/11/2020

Hi everyone, Hope you are all keeping well, below is a message from Jane.

Some good news, holiday refund has just arrived in Bank Account,  I plan to get cheques out ASP.  Jane

Holiday Announcement   10/08/2020

Dear Miss J Bennett,

I am writing to let you know that we have received your claim (SHE/102592) and we are in the process of reviewing it.

Before we proceed we have to verify all claims against the booking system that was used at the time your trip was booked. Unfortunately obtaining this information and verifying claims against it is proving to be more time consuming than first envisioned meaning that your claim is taking longer to process. 

Please bear with us while we make these checks and know that your claim is in safe hands.

 We appreciate your patience. 

Holiday Announcement   27/05/2020 –            Message from Jane

Hi everyone who booked on Club Holiday 2020. I am in the process of completing the Claim with Claims Settlement Agencies Ltd. Please be patient with me, I will keep you updated.

Holiday Announcement   23/05/2020
Update regarding 2020 Canceled Club Holiday. As we suspected Shearings, have as of today, gone into administration.
I will be applying for a full refund when the site goes live after 26 May
We do not have to worry as they are a bonded company and we will get a full refund.

Holiday Announcement   28/04/2020
To all who had booked on the Holiday for 6 April 2020 which was canceled due to Covid 19.
I can appreciate that you are all concerned regarding the Holiday you paid for, and I have yet not been able to give you an answer regarding what the outcome may be, this is because, I am not being given an answer.   I have been contacting Shearings weekly via email, and am only getting a standard response.
As many of you will be aware on 23 April, it was on Sky news, and other sources that Shearings MAY have to go into administration.
As you can imagin the whole of the Travel industry is under tremendous pressure.   However, Shearings are registered with ABTA and ATOL, but at present we will just have to be patient and await the outcome.
Take care everyone

1/03/2020 Holiday update – Weston-Super-Mare

Holiday Update from Shearings to Jane regarding options.

Letter from Jane to Shearings

Good morning Leah

Thank you for your contact.   On checking the website 2 weeks ago when the company announced the Holiday cancellations, I have contacted all who had booked on the Holiday.

Unfortunately there are 20 people who are not happy with either option 1 or 2.

They are asking for a full refund.   The justification for this is they are in the 70 to 80 age group, and their health puts them in the Vulnerable Group, therefore they are fearful for their health. and what the future may hold for them.     I can understand this fear, and would like you to strongly consider that those people have a full refund.

The remaining 24 in the group would like to go with Option 2, as we are aware that your company needs to keep as many customers as possible

Hoping you are able to do your best to fulfil our requests.

Thank you

Jane Bennett

Reply from Shearings to Jane

Good afternoon Mrs Bennett,

Thank you for your prompt reply!

I do completely understand the groups concerns, which is why we gave the option of holding the money for 12 months.

Unfortunately, at this stage we aren’t able to offer refunds and it isn’t in my power for me to say you can have one.

If you would like to take this any further you can email and see if they can offer anything further,

Kind regards,

Leah Turner.

Update for the CLRC holiday to
Weston-Super-Mare 6th April 2020
From Shearings Coaches

Can you please read the statement below from Shearings regarding this year’s club holiday. Shearings will be contacting Jane soon regarding the two options below. So can you contact Jane  07930261436  and let her know which one you prefer.

 Dear Mrs  Bennett

Following on from the governments recent announcement regarding non-essential travel, we have no option but to suspend all travel until the end of April.

With this in mind your holiday booking UK039577 to Weston-super-Mare Walking Group on the 06-Apr-20 will be unable to depart.

Our team are contacting customers in date order so PLEASE DON’T CALL US.  I know it must be hugely frustrating, but we have to call out in date departure order, to ensure we don’t miss anyone, and to ensure we do the most pressing departures first.

When we call you, we will offer you two options:

1)  You can transfer your holiday to a later date, and you will receive a 10% discount off latest prices. 

2)  A future holiday credit to the value of your holiday plus 10% which is valid for 12 months.

Our full range of holidays is available on the Shearings website ( to assist your decision process.  If you know what you are wanting to book, and it is on sale, we can transfer your monies immediately – if you don’t know what you want to book, we will give you a credit reference and your monies can be transferred as soon as you do know.

Shearings Holidays are member of ABTA and are bonded by ATOL for air holidays and Bonded Coach holiday scheme for coach holidays, so your monies are safe.

ABTA ( and the government (through the treasury) are supporting Tour Operators and Package Travel Operators through this unprecedented time, and support the decision to offer credit vouchers not a cash refund.

If you do know which holiday you want to transfer to or if you want a credit voucher and don’t want to wait for a call, you can forward this email to email address with the following:

  • I want to transfer my monies to a credit voucher


  • New Holiday Code (if known)
  • New Holiday Title
  • New Date
  • New Room type (if known)
  • New Seat Numbers (if known)

and we will administer your booking, alternatively wait for our call.

Thank you in advance for your patience, however when our team does call, please be kind, they are working long hours to try to assist you and they don’t make the rules!

Kind Regards,

Shearings Holidays

Walks information

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus outbreak all walks have been suspended for the foreseeable future.

The committee has decided that cancelling the coach for the foreseeable future would be the right thing to do in view of the fast growth of the Coronavirus.

The PM has given advice about avoiding non-essential travel and contact with people.
Due to low numbers on the coach the club is also losing money on each coach outing.
Other rambling clubs in the area are cancelling outings for the foreseeable future also.
We will all stay intouch through the Facebook webpage…
CLRC holiday to Weston Supermare 6th April – update
From Shearings Coaches

We are sorry to inform you that we are unable to operate our coach holidays and self drive breaks, up to and including 30th April 2020.

Our call centre will be incredibly busy so we ask THAT YOU DO NOT CALL US.

WE WILL CALL YOU in date departure order, to re arrange your holiday, as we have some urgency around tours that were due to depart this Friday 20th March.

I know the wait will be frustrating but please be patient and we WILL contact you.

(this is an information only facebook post and we apologise that due to the volume of messages we will not be able to answer all questions personally)


Thanks to everyone who entered the photo competition & the winners are:-

Jackie Porter – Animal Section,

Linda Woodroffe – Flora & Fauna section,

Ken Harker – People Section,

Martin Ormesher – Scenery Section


Coach fare increase for 2019

As most of you will know the coach fare has not increased for around 8 years now, and has been fantastic value for money. But all good things come to an end, and regrettably from January 2019 the coach fare will be increasing from £10.00 to £12.00, but this will include the driver’s tip, so looking on the bright side it’s only increased by £1.50. We think you’ll all agree that with the price increase, the club outings still represent exceptional value for money.

 Mountain Rescue Team Donation

Thank you to all members of CLRC who have worked hard this year on various ventures.

The club as now raised a total of £1000. Well done everybody for your generosity and support.  We may still have some outstanding contributions so will keep you posted.

A member of the MRT met us at the White Lion in Ambleside to hand over the donation, and he was impressed with our efforts.  We all have first-hand experience of their commitment and valuable work that they do, so every penny is going to a worthwhile cause.     Jane Bennett

Walks information in Lancashire

If you’re looking for a walk in Lancashire try out this website

It’s a website packed with useful information for walkers, that you can download and print walks for free.

Coach seats available for non-walkers

If you know anyone who doesn’t want to walk, but who would like to travel on the coach just as a shopper or go for a meal etc, they are very welcome to do so, as long as Jim or Ken are informed and are given their mobile numbers.


Over the past few months a number of members have been booking on walks leaving the payment until the day, but then cancelling.

This has two detrimental effects one being that other member are being turned away as the coach is full and the club is losing money – the rules do state that all cancellations forfeit coach fare. From now all bookings are to be accompanied with the coach fare.

Where this does not happen and a member cancels or fails to turn up for the walk then the club will still expect the coach fare- if the member refuses to pay for the missed trip then he/she may have their membership suspended and stopped from coming on more walks until the forfeited fare is paid.

A message from our longest standing member:

Welcome to our website! The writer professes to have some experience of rambling having been a member of Bolton H.F. group from 1946 to 1970 and of Preston H.F./C.L.R.C. group since 1971.

As far as Central Lancashire Rambling Club is concerned I have nothing but happy memories and continue to enjoy the fortnightly outings.

If you are uncertain about joining – give us a try! You are allowed to come out 3 times before committing yourself to membership and all you need is the desire to walk with an organised party, have suitable clothing and footwear and a wish to enjoy the countryside.

Arthur Holt.

If you have any news you’d like to share then please email