Club Rules


Rule 1:- NAME: – The name shall be THE CENTRAL LANCASHIRE RAMBLING CLUB. The object of the club shall be to promote the spirit of fellowship amongst its members so that together they can enjoy the countryside.

Rule 2:- OFFICERS:– The officers of the club shall consist of a Chairperson,  Secretary, Treasurer, Ramble Secretary, Membership Secretary, Coach Booking Secretary, & Newsletter / Website Editor, and are due for re-election every (2} two years. In addition (7) seven General Committee Members are due for re-election each (1) one year.

Rule 3:- COMMITTEE: – The Management of the club shall be by a Committee consisting of Officers and General Committee Members. A quorum for a Committee meeting shall be (7) seven Committee members.

Rule 4:- MEMBERSHIP: – Membership allows anyone to take part in all C.L.R.C. activities.

Rule 5:- LIFE MEMBERS: – The Committee may, at their discretion, grant Life Membership to any member who has rendered special service to the club, or who, in their opinion, is deserving of the distinction. Life Members shall not be liable to pay subscriptions under Rule 6. But shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of club members. A certificate of Life Members shall be signed by the Secretary and issued to each Life Member.

Rule 6:- NON-MEMBERS:- Non Members may attend up to three (3) rambles before joining the Rambling Club. However, on any occasion where numbers are limited, members shall have priority at all times.

Rule 7:- SUBSCRIPTIONS: – Subscriptions of an amount fixed each year by the Committee shall be due and payable by all members on joining and renewable thereafter at the beginning of each ramble programme (1st JANUARY). The prompt payment of subscriptions will be appreciated. PLEASE SEND S.A.E. IF YOU REQUIRE A RECEIPT BY RETURN POST.

Rule 8:- A.G.M:- An A.G.M. shall be held in Janurary each year. Members shall be given at least 30 days’ notice of the A.G.M. and any items for inclusion on the Agenda must be received by the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. The Agenda shall be announced before the meeting. Nominations for Officers & Committee Members shall be received by the Secretary not later than 14 days before the meeting. Voting shall be by simple majority.

Rule 9:- ACCOUNTS: – A complete record of all items of income and expenditure will be maintained. A full statement of accounts and balance will be prepared, and the accounts will be audited by the committee. (Members shall be given a full statement of the accounts at the A.G.M.)

Rule 10:- CANCELLATIONS: – It is impossible to run a club like ours unless members pay in advance. If they cancel, their monies cannot be refunded,

Rule 11:- DISPOSAL OF ASSETS: – To be agreed at the final General Meeting.

Rule 12:- DOGS: – Dogs are not permitted on any Club Rambles.


Rule 14:- LEADERS: – Leaders must try to ensure that their walk can be undertaken within the time available.

Rule 15:- LATE RETURN: – In the event of a walk returning late, the leader must report the reason for the delay to the Ramble Sec and the President or another nominated Officer of the Club. The Ramble Sec or President will be responsible for informing the members on the coach the reason for the late departure.

Rule 16:- LEAVING A RAMBLE: – Persons leaving any ramble must notify the leader.


Rule 18:- EXCLUSIONS: – The leader of any ramble reserves the right to exclude from the walk any person not considered capable of completing the ramble.

Rule 19:- LEADERS AUTHORITY: – The leaders have the authority to refuse persons who are inadequately equipped for rambling

Rule 20:- OFFICIAL CLUB RAMBLES: – Members not participating in an official Club Ramble must enter details of their intended route into the notebook provided on the coach and must finish their route at the official coach departure point. NO LESS THAN THREE (3) MEMBERS ON ANY RAMBLE.

Rule 21:- MEMBERS TRAVELING INDEPENDENTLY: – Members who wish to Travel Independently to walks there will be a charge of £6.00. p.p. to help pay for the Coaches & Leaders ETC.

Rule 22:- THE COUNTRY CODE: – Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work. Guard against all risk of fire. Leave gates as you find them. Keep to public paths. Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls. Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone. Take all your Utter home. Help to keep all water clean. Protect wildlife, plants and trees. Make no unnecessary noise.

Rule 23:- Club Members Responsibilities:- The club cannot be held responsible for any injury to persons, or any loss or damage to their belongings whilst pursuing club activities. All club members must act responsibly and take care of themselves when participating in any club activity.

Rule 24:- Vulnerable People on Club Walks:– In the event of a vulnerable person (Child or Adult) attending CLRC Walks, or events the club organises, the Guardian of that person is to be made aware that it is their responsibility to be present at all times to look after the welfare of the vulnerable person.

Rule 25:- Committee Meetings :-  Only elected members of the CLRC Committee can attend Committee Meetings, except by special invitation, eg advice on matters appertaining to the club.

Rule 26:- Bringing the Club into disrepute:-  The CLRC Committee have the right to manage situations whereby a person (or persons) bring CLRC Club into disrepute.

Updated 24/02/2019