Future Walks

 Our next walk is at Aysgarth on April 28th 2019 

Aysgarth village is a sleepy little roadside settlement along the A684 up Wensleydale. It’s worth stopping here or its pub and tea rooms and the remarkable garden, the Aysgarth Rockery. This was saved from destruction by the National Park Authority who designated as a rather unusual Listed Building in 1988.

A mile or so east of the main village lie the famous Aysgarth Falls, a beauty spot that has been on the tourist trail for over three hundred years. Here, the River Ure hurls itself over three massive rocky steps, the Upper, Middle and Lower Falls. Running alongside them is Freeholders’ Wood, an ancient coppiced woodland. This local nature reserve has easy trails laid out for visitors. A few years ago dormice were introduced into the wood and these delightful little creatures are now thriving here.

Walk information 

‘A’ Party Leader  Tony Bain      

Distance  13.5 miles +     

Climbing   2035 ft        

Leaving the coach at Hawes

We leave the coach at Hawes making our way over Buttersett High Pasture passing Semer Water and onto Stake Allotments and Flout Moor to Aysgarth for refreshments.



‘B+’ Party Leader    Steve Woodroffe     

Distance  11 miles        

Climbing  1062 ft           

Leaving the coach at  Aysgarth

A movie set and a Prison

Today after leaving the coach and inspecting the War coach from the movie “Gladiator” we head north over the bridge and past Aysgarth High force (the place used for the fight scene between Robin Hood and Little John in the 1991 movie “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves” starring Kevin Costner and Morgan freeman).  Now we travel via Bear Park, Ballowfield and on to Woodall where we then enter the high ground of Haw Bank and a Lunch break. After lunch its East along Oxclose road and past the old Lead mines to Bolton Castle (Mary Queen of Scott’s was held prisoner here in July 1568 for 6 months). Now we travel south, via Wheeling Bridge, High Thoresby, and Hollins House to St Joseph’s Wood to enjoy lovely views of both the lower and middle Aysgarth falls. It is now a final few steps up to the highest cemetery in the country, and the coach park for well-earned refreshments nearby.



‘B’ Party Leaders    The Likely Lads   

Distance 9 miles          

Climbing – very little      

Leaving the coach at on the A684

Linear walk from near Hawes to Asygarth

About 3 miles after passing Hawes we leave the coach on the A684 at Butter Hill, we pick up with the footpath heading north to cross the River Ure, then east, parallel with the river to reach Askrigg, one house in Askrigg enjoyed television fame in the 1970s and 1980s as Skelldale House – home of the fictional Dales vet James Herriot. Leaving Askrigg and heading southeast following Askrigg Beck, we then branch off to following the dismantled railway line, then picking up with the path alongside the River Ure again, that leads us to the falls at Aysgarth. Then the pub…


‘C’ Party Leaders    Rob Brook  –    

Distance  . miles            Climbing  . ft         Leaving the coach at .